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Nyoro vows to establish factories in every sub-county

Wednesday, July 6th, 2022 05:45 | By
James Nyoro Kiambu
Kiambu governor James Nyoro PHOTO/COURTESY

iambu Governor Dr James Nyoro yesterday promised to tap the county’s agricultural potential by creating factories in each of the 12 sub-counties in the region.

Nyoro (pictured), in his six-pillar manifesto launched at the weekend, also promises to fight for the elevation of Thika town to a city status and upgrading of five other townships to municipalities.

“The manifesto is based on four key pillars that include delivery of basic public services, economic empowerment, urbanisation and housing, citizen based socio-economic governance, and social protection,” he said during the event that took place at the prestigious Kiambu Golf Club.

As part of his strategy to elevate Thika into a city status, Nyoro has pledged to construct factories and industries on 700 acres of land. Nyoro expects to secure the land from Del Monte to enhance manufacturing in the county.

Sustainable project

He says his manifesto is premised on the platform of guaranteeing each of the 12 sub-counties a permanently sustainable project that would provide the locals with income as well as employment.

Besides the promise to enhance health services by leasing required medical equipment to enable the health sector provide essential services, Nyoro has also promised to empower citizens to determine which projects should be implemented in their areas and introduce a social protection programme tailored to the vulnerable.

Nyoro also said his vision is to deliver a shared value and prosperity from devolution so that it can be felt in the grassroots.

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