Bangarang, an emotional, but beautiful watch

Tuesday, January 18th, 2022 00:00 | By


After the disputed 2017 General Election, violence erupted in Kenya that led to the loss of many lives including the death of the six-month-old Samantha Pendo (baby Pendo) who was reported to have succumbed to police brutality in Kisumu.

This became one of the most haunting memories of that election. Four years later, filmmaker Robbie Odongo has released a short film Bangarang that was inspired by the tragic incident.

The movie has been positively received by Kenyan audiences due to its timing, being that it addresses issues that people feel they should talk about before the elections in August.

In the film, Otile, a poor bodaboda rider, is jobless, 10 years after graduating with second-class honours degree in automotive engineering.

When election violence erupts after the presidential elections, Otile leads other rioters in the streets of Kisumu.

To him, it’s an opportunity to vent his anger to the government he holds responsible for his unemployment.

On one fateful day, as he runs from the anti-riot police, he finds himself inside Dan’s house. And that’s how Dan’s six-month-old daughter dies in the hands of the police.

Will Otile be held responsible for Baby Joy’s death? Bangarang is an emotional, but beautiful watch. SCORE: 9/10

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