Kasipul elders to vet aspirants ahead of party nominations

Monday, January 10th, 2022 15:00 | By
Kabondo Kasipul constituency elders during their meeting on Friday. Photo/PD/NOVEN OWITI

A section of elders in Kabondo Kasipul constituency, Homa Bay county, have started social audit on aspirants ahead of political party nominations in preparation for the General Election of August 9.

The elders plan to conduct voter civic education with a view to empower them to vote for politicians on merit of their integrity.

The more than 60 elders from the Luo Council of Elders in the constituency led by Apolo Bwana (chairman), Vincent Obura (secretary) and Phoebe Owili (treasurer), vowed to enlighten the electorate on why they should shun corrupt, cruel, incompetent and clueless leaders in elections.

In the drive, the elders will also consider education level, general conduct and past development record.

Speaking during their meeting at Diakonia in Kojwach over the weekend, the elders said the exercise would commence in Kabondo East and Kojwach wards before proceeding to other areas.

Bwana said results of the vetting process will be presented to residents to enable them use it to determine people who can make good leadership in the August polls.

“The vetting exercise will be able expose the character traits of aspirants because these people grew in our midst and we understand them.

Residents will then make a choice out of the knowledge they have over the politicians,” he said.

According to the elders, the exercise is expected to be concluded early enough before political parties engage in primaries.

Bwana urged political parties to work with them so only people with integrity are handed over tickets for taking part in the elections.

“We don’t want the exercise to be misconstrued as endorsements. It is purely meant for helping residents make the right democratic decisions” he added.

Obura said they will also use the exercise in fostering peace before, during and after the general election.

“Necessary action will be taken against any member including expulsion on people who breach the agreement,” Obura said

They asked elders Suba North, Rangwe, Ndhiwa, Karachuonyo, Suba South, Kasipul and Homa Bay Town to do the same for the sake of unity and peaceful election.

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