MCAs give nod to Sakaja’s county executive nominees

Friday, December 9th, 2022 06:50 | By
Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja PHOTO/PD/File

Nairobi County Assembly has approved Governor Johnson Sakaja’s Cabinet nominees.

Assembly yesterday gave the 10 nominees a clean bill of health after it was ascertained that they surpassed the requisite threshold to hold their respective offices. The report was tabled by Majority Leader Peter Imwatok who moved the motion, calling the House to approve all the nominees.

Nominees appeared before the vetting committee on Tuesday where they defended their suitability to serve in the positions they were nominated.

Vetting committee

While giving their inputs on the floor of the house, the Members of County Assembly  called on the CECs designate to render their service tirelessly to aid social-economic transformation of the residents.

Imwatok (pictured) urged the CECs to serve residents, as they respect their employer, which is the Assembly.

 “We are telling the CECs to work for city residents. However, they must do so as they respect the Assembly. They should know that their entry point can also be exit door,” he said.

The team is now set to be sworn in any day in the presence of Governor Sakaja.

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