Religious leaders urge the government to be transparent with Covid-19 funds

Sunday, May 24th, 2020 20:05 | By

The demand for accountability is among a six-point demands that the religious leaders made to the State on May 24.

"We call upon the government to put in place prudent measures to promote transparency for funds contributed towards fighting against COVID-19, including through the COVID-19 Emergency Respond Fund and the government cash transfers, and promote full participation of all sectors offering open accountability," read the statement by the leaders.

Under their consortium Inter-Religious Council of Kenya, they also asked the government to come up with long term measures to cushion the country from an economic recession.

Seeing that coronavirus might stay longer, the leaders asked the State to put up permanent measures to ensure normal activities resume.

The religious leaders were, however, concerned by the brutality meted against poor residents of Nairobi whose houses were demolished by the State recently.

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