UDA MCAs accuse Sakaja of sidelining them, vow to snub assembly sitting

Friday, December 23rd, 2022 15:57 | By
UDA MCAs led by Minority Leader Anthony Kiragu and Minority Chief Whip addressing the Media Outside the Assembly precincts on Friday, December 23,2022. PHOTO/David Ndolo

UDA ward representatives in the Nairobi County Assembly have threatened to snub a special sitting set for Friday, December 23, 2022. During the sitting, MCAs will debate the report by sectoral committees on the vetting of County Chief Officers.

Speaking to the media, the UDA legislators, led by the Minority leader Anthony Kiragu, accused Governor Sakaja of sidelining them despite him being elected by them.

"We want to express our displeasure and send our message to the people of Nairobi that what has been happening in this Country in terms of appointment doesn't align with the Kenya Kwanza manifesto and aspirations," Kiragu said.

The MCAs stated that they are the ones who worked hard to ensure Sakaja won the elections, and as a party, they are not happy with his undertakings.

"We want to tell Governor Sakaja that what you are doing is not okay, and the people who fought for Kenya Kwanza as hustlers are not happy at all. They have sent us because they went out of their way to ensure he won the elections," Kiragu added.

On his part, the Minority Chief Whip and Umoja 1 MCA, Mark Mugambi, stated that the UDA members would not undertake the signing of the reports by the various committees.

"Our members will not sign the reports of the vetting committees as we pulled them from the process. We are here to tell them to go ahead and snub the special session that is set for the afternoon," Mugambi stated

This comes after the UDA allies on Tuesday walked out of the ICT and Energy Committee during the vetting of County Chief Officer Nominee Lucky Opudo, accusing her of not submitting her credentials on time.

They further accused her of being of questionable credibility after her role in what transpired at the Bomas of Kenya when the presidential election results were to be announced.

"We all know that Lucky Ogutu is the lady who was seen snatching people's phones and laptops at the Bomas of Kenya. This could have sunk the country into chaos at such a crucial time and we cannot allow such a character to be a Chief Officer in Nairobi," Kiragu stated

The lawmakers have dared the governor to resign from UDA and seek a fresh mandate from Nairobians.

"We heard him state recently that he is a governor for all, but we want to remind him that he used the UDA ticket, and we went against the tribal voting and denied Igathe our votes. If he thinks so, let him resign from UDA and get back into elections again," Mugambi said.

Nairobi County Assembly is expected to have a special sitting this afternoon and debate the reports on the various appointed Nominees who were vetted on Thursday, December, 23,2022.

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