Victim finally narrates her ordeal in the hands of tormentors

Monday, June 28th, 2021 00:00 | By
Hafsa Mohamed Lukman after she was rescued by detectives at a dingy room in Matopeni in Kayole. Lukman went missing on June 15. Photo/Courtesy

Hafsa Mohammed Lukman, the woman who was kidnapped on June 15 in Kayole has finally narrated her ordeal in the hands of the kidnappers. 

It all started with a business proposal from her friend who farms melons.  

“She was my neighbour and approached me to partner in a venture. We were supposed to share the proceeds and since I was interested in the idea, she kept coming for more money until it got to Sh700,000,” Hafsa said.

She added:  “She told me once the  harvest is sold she will repay the loan. On the fateful day she called me at 7 am and asked if we could meet. I asked if I could be accompanied but she said no,” Hafsa said. 

“When she came to see me, we left for Kayole. She kept chatting on phone and when we reached Kayole, we met two men who turned out to be kidnappers,” she narrated.

Hafsa said that the female suspect who was arrested yesterday morning; Hafsa Ahmed, went for her on July 15 at 5.16pm and lured her all the way to Kayole.

“At Kayole, I was confronted by two men who beat and ordered me to open my mouth and they put sawdust and some clothing in my mouth,” she narrated.

From there, they blindfolded and tied both her hands and legs before they put her inside a water tank.

“They then took me to another place but told me not to worry as they were just kidnappers and not killers who just needed money from my family,” she said.

The kidnappers warned her not to raise any alarm saying they were just around her and would kill her should she raise the alarm.

“I never saw them again. For the five days I never ate anything. However, on Sunday I became too thirsty to bear and I decided to shout for help,” she said.

As she was in captivity, the female suspect who bears the same name as her and had taken her national ID card managed to withdraw money from the victim’s account.

“They withdrew a total of Sh658,000 from my account. We are namesakes and she has my ID card and would go to the agents to withdraw the money,” she said.

Ahmed and her boyfriend Jackson Njogu were arrested yesterday morning at a lodging in Kinangop, Nyandarua County by detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations. 

She hopes for justice and want her friend to pay for the crimes she committed.

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