Ardhi House

Records digitisation at Ardhi House lauded

Stakeholders in the real estate industry have lauded the ongoing digitisation of records at the Ministry of Lands (Ardhi House) […]

Complaints desk established at Ardhi House

The Ministry of Lands has now established a complaints and help desk at Ardhi house to handle queries on title […]

No end in sight in Del Monte land dispute as ministry delays resurvey

The raging land dispute pitting Del Monte Kenya and residents of Kiambu and Murang’a counties is far from over after […]

Lands CS Karoney extends land registries lockdown

Tens of thousands of property transactions have been halted for a fortnight following the decision by the Ministry of Land […]

State has failed Isiolo residents on community land

Abshiro Halake        Land grabbing can oftentimes be disguised as legitimate when a government gazettement is used to […]

Land consolidation in Kenya key to food security

Hosea Kili  Sub-division of land continues to undermine agricultural productivity and is a threat to the achievement of the Big […]