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Mentioning Ford-Kenya takes away my appetite – Natembeya claims

Sunday, June 26th, 2022 15:49 | By
Former Rift Valley Regional Commissioner George Natembeya
Former Rift Valley Regional Commissioner George Natembeya PHOTO/Emmanuel Tarus

Trans Nzoia County gubernatorial hopeful George Natembeya has launched a scathing attack on the Ford-Kenya party, saying its leadership has failed the people of Trans Nzoia County.

Addressing mourners in Saboti, Natembeya, who is giving his first shot at the county's top seat through the Democratic Action Party of Kenya DAP-K, said Ford-Kenya candidates do not deserve any leadership position in the August 9 elections.

"For the last ten years, Trans Nzoia people have not felt devolution because of the Ford-Kenya leadership inadequacies," Natembeya said.

The former Rift Valley Regional Commissioner said Ford-Kenya is a thorn in the flesh and urged the electorates to send its candidates to political oblivion.

"Mentioning Ford-Kenya takes away my appetite; they have nothing to show to the people of this great county," he said.

Former Rift Valley Regional Coordinator George Natembeya.

Natembeya blamed Governor Patrick Khaemba's administration for failing to deliver his flagship projects.

"It is shameful that Trans Nzoia County Teaching and Referral Hospital is yet to be completed despite being one of the most expensive hospitals in East and Central Africa, having consumed over 1.5 billion shillings," he added.

The tough-talking administrator-turned-politician said poor infrastructure in Kitale discourages investors from investing in the congested town.

"A visitor visiting Kitale from Matisi side will not realize he has arrived at Kitale town because the town has a lot of potholes," Natembeya quipped.

Natembeya said, ironically, that Trans Nzoia is the country's food basket, but a majority of the people are food insecure.

"It is very unfair that our people are still food insecure, yet we produce over 5 million bags of maize every year. Due to leadership deficiency, our farmers are selling their produce outside because the county has not set up value addition industries," he noted.

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