KQ signs codeshare agreement with Spanish c*rrier

Tuesday, February 6th, 2024 14:15 | By
Air Europa and KQ logos
Air Europa and KQ logos. PHOTO/@KenyaAirways/X

Kenya Airways (KQ) has signed a codeshare agreement with Air Europa, the third-largest Spanish carrier.

In a statement, KQ said the new agreement will allow Air Europa passengers to fly to Nairobi from Amsterdam as well as allow Kenya Airways guests to fly to Madrid, Palma de Mallorca, New York, and Miami.  

"The agreement has significantly expanded customers' travel options by providing access and convenience as guests will enjoy benefits such as the purchase of a single ticket, a single check-in, and connections with minimum waiting times, among others," KQ stated.

The national carrier will deploy its codes on four Air Europa routes, specifically from Amsterdam to Madrid, Madrid to Palma de Mallorca, Madrid to New York, and Miami while Air Europa will place their code on the Kenya Airways Amsterdam to Nairobi flight. 

“We are excited about this partnership as it will provide our guests with more convenient travel options to Europe and the United States. Air Europa has been our partner under the SkyTeam Alliance, and this agreement allows us to collaborate more for the mutual benefit of our guests giving them more access and connectivity,” Martin Gitonga, KQ Head of Network Planning and Alliances stated.  

Air Europa says the deal will expand market reach for the two carriers and create satisfaction for customers of the two airlines.

"We are very pleased with the partnership we have signed with Kenya Airways. In addition to working with one of the most established and prestigious airlines in Africa, this alliance allows us to significantly expand our reach in a region with growing demand, which will certainly be of great benefit to our customers," said Estelle Leray, Air Europa's Director of Alliances. 

KQ deal with SAA

This comes months after KQ signed another codeshare deal with South African Airways (SAA).

The deal with SAA includes direct flights from South Africa to South America.

KQ said the deal will see its customers travel to Sao Paulo, Brazil, via Johannesburg on one ticket.

"This collaboration establishes unparalleled connectivity, offering the most direct flight option from this region, contrasting with current routes that often involve transits through the Middle East, Europe, or North America," KQ stated.

According to KQ, the South Africa-South America link is the most direct, reducing the overall carbon footprint and contributing to sustainability in air travel.

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