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ODM accuses Kenya Kwanza of being reluctant to address cost of living

Friday, November 17th, 2023 17:44 | By
ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna
ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna. PHOTO/@TheODMparty/X

The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party has accused the Kenya Kwanza administration of being reluctant to address the rising cost of living.

In a statement after the party's special Parliamentary Group/Leaders meeting, secretary general Edwin Sifuna faulted the ruling coalition for failing to address the issue, which has been among those raised by the opposition in the National Dialogue Committee.

"The cost of living is a thorn in the flesh of millions of Kenyans. Kenyans are suffering and forced to bear the brunt of high taxes and unreasonable levies imposed on them by the Kenya Kwanza administration. Whereas we note some of our members are engaged in the National Dialogue Committee deliberations at Bomas of Kenya, we take great exception with the apparent reluctance by Kenya Kwanza in addressing the issue of the cost of living," Sifuna stated.

ODM has also faulted the Kenya Kwanza administration for using the National Assembly and the Senate as rubber stamps to execute government directives.

"The two Houses of Parliament have been reduced to rubber stamping directives of the Executive. Our members are advised to continue standing with Kenyans, speak for them and oppose any legislation/bill/motion that is unfriendly to the people. We shall not be coerced or intimidated into doing what is not right for the country," Sifuna added.

ODM speaks on devolution

ODM also accused the government of overseeing the downfall of devolution through the passage of retrogressive laws that have resulted in clawbacks to the mandate of county governments especially in areas of health, water, roads and housing.

The party also expressed its solidarity with its leader Raila Odinga on his position that the G-2-G oil deal is a scam calculated to rip off Kenyans.

"We reiterate the challenge he posed for the government to table the G-2-G agreement with UAE and Saudi Governments and table proof of corporate tax payment by the contracted oil firms, supplier purchase agreements and explain how the EPRRA boss ended as both negotiator and referee as far as the price of purchase and sale of oil is concerned," Sifuna added.

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