Desist from washing c*rs on river banks, locals advised

Monday, April 15th, 2024 09:30 | By
Thiririka River. PHOTO/Ajol
Thiririka River. PHOTO/Ajol

An environmentalist has warned residents of Kisii against washing vehicles on riverbanks.

County National Environment Management Authority Director (Nema) Simon Tonui said it was illegal to pollute rivers. Oils from vehicles, he noted, deprived organisms in water oxygen and suffocated them.

“ Nobody is allowed to pollute rivers. Perpetrators risk arrest and prosecution to deter others,” Tonui said.

He cited River Nyakomisaro area where vehicle owners washed cars.

Tonui noted that residents used the water for domestic chores and animals, noting, polluting the river endangered their lives.

“ Officers from Nema, Public Health, security and other relevant agencies are working together to protect the environment,” Tonui said.

He appealed to the county government to designate areas for garages and car wash to curb pollution to rivers. Director noted modern garages can be constructed with separators of oil and water.

“ Water, oil and other pollutants are separated and the water recycled and reused,” Tonui noted.

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