‘We have 2,100 public servants with fake certificates’ – Ruto

Wednesday, April 17th, 2024 20:22 | By
President William Ruto in a past event.
President William Ruto in a past event. PHOTO/William Ruto(@WilliamsRuto)/X

President William Ruto now says there are over 2,100 people with fake academic certificates working for the government.

Speaking during the Wage Bill Conference, Ruto ordered those with fake certificates to start leaving the government, and look for money to repay the government for "obtaining money through false pretence".

"We will now confront the monster of corruption head-on going forward, whether it is in counties, whether it is in the national government. Just imagine, a simple audit of people working for the government has revealed that we have 2,100 people with fake (academic) certificates working for the government," Ruto stated.

"I hope we are going to add one more resolution on fake certificates; those who have earned money using fake certificates should refund us our public money. Isn't it equivalent to obtaining (money) by false pretence? Those who are in government offices today with fake certificates should resign and look for money to pay for the public resources that they have earned falsely."

Ruto says he is committed to taking the country where it should be, and nothing will deter him from doing so.

"We just must do what we must do. For your information, I intend to do it and I am ready to take the consequences. I am already Zakayo so there is no problem. The country is going to get where I wanted it to go, I do not mind names so long as we get the country where it should go," he added.

Gachagua's revelation to Ruto

Speaking during the same event, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua claimed to know the people who issue fake academic certificates and some senior government officials who have benefitted.

“Many people in the government, governors, heads of department, even some who are sitting here with you, most of them their papers ziko na dosari,” Rigathi told Ruto.

“These people of River Road have been looking for me saying why are you, the deputy president, complaining? Tumesaidia wengi, tumesaidia fulani, fulani na fulani…I will give you the list which I was given of the people who have been helped.”

Gachagua lamented that he sometimes "feels lonely at the top", being surrounded by government officials with more than one degree, including President Ruto.

“When I have been complaining that I am feeling lonely at the top because my boss has three degrees, Controller of State House also three, and I have one. As for me, I don’t care much about papers, because I don’t want to go to River Road; I am satisfied with the little I have,” Gachagua added.

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