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‘There will be no demos in Mt Kenya’ – Ndindi Nyoro

Friday, July 14th, 2023 16:28 | By
Kiharu member of parliament Ndindi Nyoro addressing the media in Weithaga Kiharu. PHOTO/Wangari Njuguna
Kiharu member of parliament Ndindi Nyoro addressing the media in Weithaga. PHOTO/Wangari Njuguna

Kiharu Member of Parliament Ndindi Nyoro has said they will not allow any anti-government demonstrations in the central region.

Ndindi said the demos which have been led by the opposition leader Raila Odinga are heavily financed and choreographed by some forces who want to destabilize the government.

Pre-planned violence

Speaking in his backyard in Weithaga, Kiharu Constituency, Nyoro said the chaos witnessed during the demos on Wednesday where eight people died and property was destroyed, indicated there was a pre-planned violence.

He dared Raila to bring the demos in the region saying the leaders and the locals will be out and ready to protect their businesses and property.

“We are not going to allow anything that will destroy the livelihood of the people of Mt Kenya region. We are not going to allow them to bring the violence they are causing in their areas into this region,” said Nyoro.

He said the 'anarchy' perpetrated by the leaders on Wednesday will be the last kind of violence that should be witnessed in any part of the country.

“What the anarchists, the promoters of violence calling themselves the opposition are purporting to be demonstrations, we have clearly seen that they are not demos but well-organized violence,” he remarked.

He also slammed the leaders for allegedly using the youth to cause chaos during the demos saying they should instead bring their children to the forefront.

“You should not confuse respect for fear and if you think you are brave enough come and we face each other,” he remarked.

Pile Pressure

Nyoro said Raila is using his old trick which he has used over the years to cause unrest in the country and pile pressure on the government to call him for negotiations as he seeks a power-sharing deal.

The MP said no amount of pressure will make the Kenya Kwanza hold talks on coalition government and Raila should forget ascending to power through the back door.

“I want to speak forthright and candidly today whatever thing that you are unleashing whatever strategy that you have will fail,” added Nyoro.

In addition, he said the signature collection exercise which the opposition has embarked on to oust the Ruto government is in futility adding that the government was elected legally.

He claimed that dynastic families are looking down on President William Ruto because they feel he should not be holding the position.

“And these people having colonial handovers, the people of dynastic families who come thinking that we are here to keep them company, they should respect the common person,” he said.

“Nothing gives you the right to think that Kenyans are your property and you should also recognize that they went to the poll and elected the current government.”

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